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Some of your Questions:

New to yoga? We've got answers for you. These common questions for yoga beginners should get you on your way to a deeper practice and mindful meditation.

I'm not flexible – can I do yoga?

Of course! Now is the perfect time for you to start Yoga. Find a begginner class and experience how Yoga will make you more flexible, but also help bring your mind, body, and spirit into harmony. If you have any health issues, besure t consult you dorctor first.

How often should I practice Yoga?

That is your choice! We have classes during the day and all week. The more you practice the betteryou will feel. Find a consistent time to priactice and feel the results.

Should I eat or drink before class?

It is always good to be hydrated and when practicing Yoga it is no different. make sure you are hydrated before you come and drink plenty of water after class. It is recomended that you do eat 3-4 hours before class.

How do I pick a class that fits for me?

We list all our classes and you can pick one that fits your needs. If you still are not sure, feel free to contact us and we can help. You can even come visit us and ask!

What if I have pain or an injury?

We would ask that you come a little early and talk to your instruction before class. Yogo has many benefits with chonic pain, and by discussing what your needs are your teach can hep tailor a program for you to avoid further injury. Alway discuss practicing Yoga with your doctor.

Can I do Yogo if I am pregnant?

Yes, but make sure to tell your instructor that you are! Avoid twisting, inversions, pranayama, any abdominal strengthening pose and lying on your belly.

Who can practice Yoga?

If you are between the ages of 15 to 70, and are in good health, you can practice Yogo. Remember to alway discuss practicing Yoga with your doctor to avoid any injuries.