Yoga Studio Etiquette

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Yoga Studio Etiquette

Understanding basic yoga class etiquette will help you feel more comfortable during your practice. Most of the following tips are simple common sense and courtesy, but there are certain manners that are specific to yoga classes and studios. Practicing silence, self-awareness, and respect to the teacher and other students will help to ensure that your yoga experience will be beneficial and stress-free.

Remove Your Shoes

You can leave them outside in the hall or next to you during class. Yoga is practiced in bare feet in order to safely connect with the “sticky mat,” so socks come off, too, ordinarily.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Please remember to turn off your cell phone! If you set it to vibrate, make sure it is not going to distract you or others.

Arrive 5-10 Minutes Early

This allows plenty of time to settle in, get centered, and prepare for practice. Unroll your mat quietly, so as not to disturb students who are already there. Check in with your mood and begin to let go of outside thoughts and concerns. Quietly socialize or do some gentle warm-up poses to prepare for your practice.

Don’t Skip Savasana

The final 5-15 minutes of class is Savasana, or final relaxation. It is vital to your practice. It’s a time for stillness and deep rest that lets your body fully receive the benefits of yoga. If you absolutely must leave early, let your teacher know prior to class and leave quietly before Savasana starts. Be sure to allow sufficient time to collect your mat and belongings.

Respect and Listen to Your Body

Let your teacher know about any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice. Your instructor will provide you with appropriate modifications. Be mindful of anatomical limitations. Your practice will be different every single day. If you reach the full expression of a pose, acknowledge it. Attain all you can during your practice, then let it go.

Put Your Props Away After Class

If you’ve used blocks, straps or or bolsters, place them back the way you found them. Fold your blanket; don’t just drop it in a heap. If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down before replacing it.

Respect the Space

Practicing yoga in a group setting creates a sacred, safe zone. Allow room for other students to come in and spread their mats with enough room to practice.

Practice Cleanliness

Apply the yogic principle of saucha, which means "cleanliness" or "purity." Personal hygiene is an integral part of practicing yoga. Ensure that you and your mat are clean before practice. Avoid heavy fragrances that many trigger allergies or headaches for others.